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Aspiring visual designer. Piano player. Watercolour sketch artist.

I live and breathe design. Originality is important to me, so I like to create my own styles rather than imitate others. I’m always finding inspiration for my art in my surroundings – from nature to the man-made. In my spare time I love playing piano and swimming. I’ve always considered myself an independent learner - I even taught myself to cook!


Aspiring property manager. Pop music lover. Hip-hop dancer.

I’m a business student taking economics with an advertising sub-major. My goal is to become a savvy property manager. All genres of music bring me joy and I love to dance - I practise contemporary and hip-hop styles. I like the freedom of my studies in Sydney. I am thankful for the support network I have access to and the many people I’ve met.


Budding public relations professional. Pastry chef. Marketing talent.

I’m a business student majoring in marketing communications. I want to carve out a career in public relations. I’m currently interning at a PR agency. I used to work as a pastry chef and still bake in my free time; this is how I express myself. I’ve found the secret to success is to love what you study - find your passion.

Meet the My Unilife students from Indonesia.